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Dr. Raymond created Responder Wellness Inc in July of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and following national anti-police demonstrations.  EMS, Police & Fire were all deeply affected in their own ways, leaving many first responders feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated.  They are there for us, but who takes care of them?  . . . So she created this charity.  Dr. Raymond is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in helping 1st Responders overcome their trauma.  An Approved Consultant in EMDR, she has a private practice in Ridgefield, CT.  



Sgt. Welch is a United States Marine who did 2 tours during the Vietnam War, fighting in 7 major battles.  He was part of the elite 1st Recon Raiders, receiving 3 Purple Hearts, a Navy Cross, a Bronze Star with valor, and a Silver Star with valor.  Dan was nominated for The National Medal of Honor.  He went on to become a police officer for a short time in Wills Point, TX.  He moved to VT and eventually became Chief of the Granville Fire Department.  Dan feels a strong kinship to both his military and First Responder brothers and sisters.

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Vice  President

Eve has been an EMT for seven years.  She volunteers with both Stamford EMS as an EMT, and with Jewish Family Services providing meals to the elderly.  Previously, she worked as a licensed massage therapist in private practice and as a registered dietician with dialysis patients and the elderly.  She has always enjoyed helping others and is excited to be part of  this great organization.


EMS  Representative
RWI  FaceBook page editor

Greg is a Paramedic and Paramedic educator involved in EMS for over 20 years.  He works as a Paramedic FTO for AMR Hartford and is Lab Coordinator for the Capital Community College Paramedic Program.  In November of 2013 Greg founded “EMS and PTSD - Learning from Combat Veterans to Understand PTSD”.  Over the past 8 years the program has grown and transitioned to include educating the public safety community as a whole about our own incidence of PTSD and the staggering suicide rates of EMS workers, Police Officers and Firefighters.  PTSD awareness and suicide prevention has become his passion. Greg is also actively involved with Mutts Mending Mankind, a Connecticut based service dog training organization which works primarily with Veterans and First Responders. MMM pairs rescue dogs with Veterans and First Responders living with anxiety and PTSD and trains the dog and handlers free of charge. Upon completing the training, the handler will have a certified service dog to assist them with daily life and thus “will never walk alone again”.  

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Greg rescued Velvet, his devoted service dog.

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Police  Representative

Pete has been a Police Officer for 21 years.   He started his career working four years with the NYPD 73rd Precinct in Brownsville Brooklyn.  During his short time with NYPD he was part of the Street Narcotics Unit and Community Conditions Unit.  He was also a responder at Ground Zero on September 11th.  Pete is currently serving with the Danbury Police Department where he is a Field Training Officer, Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator, and a member of the Emergency Services Unit and Peer Support Team.  He is proud to be the police representative on the Board of Responder Wellness Inc.


Fire  Representative

Joe is a Firefighter for the Manchester Fire Rescue EMS department in CT.  He began his career as volunteer in New Fairfield, worked EMS in the City of Danbury, and then became a career Firefighter over a decade ago.  Joe has been an active paramedic and preceptor of many a new medic trained in Manchester and the surrounding area, and last but not least, he trains rookie firefighters on a daily basis.  He is passionate about helping others, whether a customer calling 911 or a brother in arms.  Joe is involved with his own Departments Peer Support Team and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

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911 Dispatch Representative

Dan is a 911 dispatcher for the Bethel CT Police Department.  He is also a firefighter/EMT for the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Department.  Dan brings his infectious humor and big heart to our charity, always willing to support his First Responder peers.  In fact, Dan was instrumental in securing the Stony Hill FD for our weekly Yoga for First Responders class in 2019. 

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