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High quality vests cost about $1,000.

Canines in some PD's do not have a vest !

In May of 2023 we gave away 11 K-9  BALLISTIC  VESTS  (priced at $1,050) for  FREE !  This program was made possible in part due to a $5K grant from Ridgefield Thrift Shop in 2022.

Lucky recipients were K-9's at the following PD's:  Norwalk, Bethel, Westport, Manchester, New London, the FBI Bomb Squad in New Haven, and Great Barrington PD in MA !

K-9 Vests Bethel.JPG
K-9 Vests Norwalk5.jpg
K-9 Vests New London4.jpg
K-9 Vest Westport2.jpg
K-9 Vest Manchester.jpg
K-9 Vest FBI Bomb Squad.jpg
Ridgefield Thrift Shop Logo.png
Ridgefield Thrift Shop picture.jfif

Early this year (2024), thanks to a generous grant from Ridgefield Thrift Shop (again in 2023), we outfitted 10 Danbury police officers with high quality ballistic vests.  RWI was able to put $500 toward each vest making this expensive and important piece of equipment more affordable !

Vest Scott DPD.jpg

RWI Board members present DEMAS Social Worker Scott Alvord with a half price vest.  Scott rides with Officer Pete Elste, head of CIT at Danbury PD, and also the Police Rep for RWI.  Pete received his discounted ballistic vest last year.


High quality station Fire boots cost close to $300.  Most Fire fighters have to buy their own station boots !  Again in 2024 RWI will give away TEN $200 gift certificates from The Fire Store.  

Fire Store2 2023.jpg
Fire Store3 2023.JPEG
Fire Store1 2023.jpg

EMS scholarship $

RWI President Stacy Raymond and President Dan Welch presented Vintech Management Service reps Nick Paproski and Kelly McDonnell with a $2500 check.

Vintech Nick.jpg

In 2021 RWI donated $3,000 to Danbury Hospital EMS to help pay the cost of training 9 new EMTs

Danbury EMT scholarship pic pamphlet.jpg

In 2021 RWI donated $1500 to Brookfield Fire/EMS to defray the cost of training a new class of EMTs.

Brookfield Fire-EMS.jpg


AA daily 2.jpg
AA book Pete.jpg
AA Flyer.jpg
AA meeting4.jpg


Edge flyer photo.png

BENEVOLENT FUND:  Each year around the holiday RWI gives away $1000 to $1500 to first responders in financial need.  In 2024 we have given $500 each to a police officer, a paramedic and an EMT (all within Fairfield County CT).

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